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$mitty // Oregon City Tattoos

My mom was getting tattooed in the late 70's when I was a kid. I was skeptical at first because these were the first tattoos id seen, but eventually it all made sense. She was taking us to live music, camping with bikers, and probably unknowingly somehow laying the foundation to my souls very existence!

I soon found myself getting my first tattoo on my 14th birthday, I got to ride a chopper to the last day of 8th grade,  and started my tattoo apprenticeship later that summer. all in that order. I'd blame on the many wild and interesting characters that stumbled into my life as a youngster for what I'm blessed with today as they were very influential. It's been a very colorful ride from 1988 to present day. I've been tattooing almost every day of my adult life. People constantly ask me what I specialize in? My answer will always be making you happy with your new tattoo. I'm just a guy enjoying his job.

Clients often become friends and if I take care of them they take care of me. I opened my own studio here in Oregon City and haven't met a stranger yet.


I get to do what I love because of you, thank you.


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